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Feed Formulation and Consulting

The Matrix team of Nutritionists and Consultants has a broad range of academic and field knowledge that yields centuries of experience. The common fault in our competition is the lack of communication between the farm manager, mill manager, and feed support team. This does not exist in our world. We believe our staff and nutritionists should be onsite and available to you on a routine basis. Consistency and collaboration are the keys to client satisfaction and problem solving.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together, our nutrition team can easily provide formulation solutions because we have species specific team members that dedicate their lives to their respective sectors of animal nutrition. Simply stated, Pigs are not Cows and Cows are not Chickens. Specializing in a species provides a more focused approach that provides a focal point for research, experience, and collaboration with industry experts.

On-farm visits, feed evaluations, and communication are the pillars of great production statistics. When these 3 assignments are supported by a financial mandate to help lower feed costs when it’s at all feasible, success is all but guaranteed.

Feed Manufacturing

Our CFIA and USDA accredited feed mill can manufacture plain or medicated feed products for use in Canada in the United States. This is inclusive of all species.
Matrix offers the capacity in both logistics and manufacturing to ship worldwide which is normally encouraged by regional support.

Vitamin blending, Milk Replacer Blending, Mash or Pelleted Completed feeds, and Low Dose Blending are just a few of our many valued disciplines.

Through varying degrees of experience, we also specialize in extremely low temperature pelleting for peri-weaning diets and feeds that normally have poor rheostatic or handling characteristics. High Lactose or feeds that are normally subject to the Maillard Reaction are our specialty. Please see the information at the link below explaining Maillard Reaction, it needs to and should be appreciated.