Feed Analysis and Submission Forms


Matrix can be and should be your only portal for feed testing. As experience is gained, so to is the value in requesting and even more so; interpreting those results. As the animal nutrition industry has evolved so have the segments and methodologies around that testing. We have testing internally for varying nutrients and feed traits however when more complex and specialized fractions of the feed are requested, we have the worldwide relationships in place to get the right test done. We can also help you interpret those results and give you a practical response on how those results will impact your production or nutrient specifications.

Our support team is also very well versed in water testing, mycotoxin testing, disinfectant application testing, and particle size analysis just to name a few.
Below are a couple of examples of our results forms as examples.


Please ensure the form is filled out to the best of your knowledge and included with each of your samples. If there are any questions we will contact you. Extra charges may be incurred if for example a 3rd party lab are required, if the testing assay changes, if the timeline changes, and if postage is required. Please inquire with testing@mesonline.net as to the status of your samples.