Beef Cattle Supplements

Beef Cattle Descriptions 2021

Range cattle minerals:

Magnum 2:1 Cattle Mineral (w salt)
 A well-balanced cattle mineral that contain high levels of calcium and phosphorus in a 2:1 ratio, which easily compliment the same elements found in an array of different forages fed to cattle. It also contains high levels of essential trace-minerals as well as Vitamin A, D, and E. Corn distillers’ grains and a pinch of salt (10%) encourage optimum cattle intake.  


Garlic Magnum 2:1 Cattle Mineral (w salt)
Same well-balanced mineral that contain high levels of calcium and phosphorus in a 2:1 ratio, along with high levels of essential trace-minerals and vitamins A, D and E. Essential garlic oil is added to repel face-flies (that transmit pinkeye). A side-benefit of adding essential garlic oil is more consistent mineral intake among cattle.  


Magnum 1:1 Breeder Cattle Mineral (no salt)
Our premium cattle mineral is designed to elevate the mineral status in dairy and beef cattle, namely, calcium and phosphorus as well as trace minerals; copper, zinc, manganese and selenium. The latter are added in a high proportion of trace-mineral proteinates, which offer superior absorption, retention and metabolism in cattle.  Contains high levels of vitamins A, D, and E. 


Garlic Texas Beef cow Mineral
This is a beef cow mineral that shows its guaranteed analysis contains about double the concentration of trace-minerals and vitamins found in our other cattle minerals. Yet, it is only fed at half of their rate of 50 grams, daily. In addition, garlic essential oil is added to promote consistent cattle mineral-vitamin intake, particularly when it is provided in free-range form. 


Cattle TMV premixes:

Magnum Beef Grower Premix w Rumensin
A medicated premix to be fed at 112 g per head, daily in order to compliment the essential macro-minerals, which are often deficient in high-concentrate beef grower (and finisher) diets. This beef premix also contains supplementary trace-minerals, and vitamin A, D and E – necessary to maintain vital functions and build strong immunity against disease. 


Magnum Beef Cow Premix w Rumensin
A medicated 3:1 (calcium: phosphorus) beef cow premix, fed at 100 g per head; mixed into overwintering diets of gestating beef cows. That’s a lot of copper, manganese, zinc and selenium as well as vitamin A, D and E in order to meet vital requirements, build good immune function and prepare for trouble-free calving. It also contains monensin sodium to promote good body condition during gestation.  


Magnum Heavy Duty (HD) Beef Cattle Premix w Rumensin
Solid nutrition is built into this medicated beef grower or cow premix, fed at 100 grams per head, daily. For example, it contains 1,000,000 iu/kg of vitamin A, and chelated trace minerals, which are two ways that it promotes good growth, reproduction and health in all types of cattle. It also contains monensin to prevent coccidiosis or help maintain body condition. 


Magnum Superman Holstein steer premix w Rumensin
A 112-gram medicated cattle premix especially designed for Holstein beef steers raised to market-weight. That’s because it contains a high level of calcium, trace-minerals and vitamins, which supplements their high-energy concentrate diets. This Holstein steer premix is also formulated probiotic that promotes feed efficiency.  


Cattle complete feed & protein supplement:

14% Beef Meteor Creep pellets w Rumensin
By late-summer, milk production of the broad cow naturally slows down and only supplies about 50% of her spring calf’s growth requirements. At the same time, pastures mature, which also limits calf growth. Hence, our premium creep pellets full-fills this nutrient deficit, so promising calves gain more saleable weighing-weight.  


Magnum 32:16 beef protein supplement pellets w Rumensin
This is a versatile beef protein supplement pellet fed at 0.5 kg per head that either can be mixed into the cattle’s daily grain portion or entire diet. It specifically supplies dietary protein from both natural and NPN sources, calcium and phosphorus, trace minerals and vitamin A, D, and E. It is also medicated with coccidiosis preventive level of Rumensin (440 mg/kg of monensin sodium).