Palm Fat 75%
Palm Fat 85%
Palm Fat 98%

Revolution calf milk replacer

It’s our revolutionary all-milk calf milk replacer approach, based upon a 26-26-18 nutrient profile. For example, Revolution calf milk replacer easily supports high rates of lean body tissue growth of healthy calves raised on accelerated milk-feeding programs.

Bodacious bull-calf milk replacer

This calf milk replacer is designated as a 24-18-18 calf milk replacer with added Decoquinate to effectively lay down lean-muscle mass onto meat-marketed dairy steer calves. It is to be fed from day 4 of life (after colostrum and first-milk feedings) until calves are weaned at 6 – 8 weeks of age and then entered into post-wean feedlot-feeding programs.

21% Grand Slam calf starter

A textured calf starter feed made up of a unique blend of steam-rolled oats, steam-rolled corn and low-count protein pellets with just the right amount of molasses. It can be ordered, medicated with either with Decoquinate or sodium monensin for cocci prevention.

Matrix 18% Goldrush heifer pellets

This high-quality heifer replacement feed is a high-protein and medium-energy complete feed with high levels of minerals and vitamins and medicated with sodium monensin for cocci prevention. It can be fed to replacement heifer calves, throughout both unbred and bred growing periods, and until 21 days before they give birth to their first-baby calf.

Matrix 25 th Century

Dairy heifer-faraway dry cow supplement – A dual-purpose 25% protein supplement medicated with monensin sodium; to be mixed with ground grains for home-made complete non-lactation livestock rations and fed along with hay sources. It can also be added directly into no-grain diets that are heavily based upon barley- or corn-silage.

Matrix Conquista XL

Dairy heifer-faraway breeder premix – A dual-purpose non-lactation premix containing forage complementary levels of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It is also formulated with bio-available chelated trace-minerals and high levels of A, D and E vitamins.

Matrix 16% Tijuana close-up dry cow pellets

A highly nutritious and palatable complete feed – designed especially for 21-day pre-partum dairy cows. It’s no-canola formula includes yeast-probiotics, chelated trace-minerals, niacin, biotin, monensin and even 1000 iu/kg Vitamin E!

Matrix 16% Toro Bull complete pellets

This complete feed is fed up to 5 lb per head daily to breeding dairy bulls. It is formulated with medium – energy grain products include 4 grams per head of zinc-methionine and high levels of vitamin E to promote good bull fertility.

CTS dairy pack

A unique and multi-facet blend of: mold-inhibitor (Biobin #1), yeast-probiotic, zinc-methionine, B-vitamin complex (including B!2) and high levels of vitamin E. When fed at 112 g per cow, it helps lower high somatic cell counts (SCC) in problematic lactating dairy cows or at 80 g per cow to help alleviate their heat-stress.

Soluzyme (dairy)

A yeast-based blend with added probiotics, nutrient-metabolites and forage-
fiber digesting enzymes. Fed at 10 grams per head to lactating dairy cows; targets and thereby improves forage and grain digestibility – leading to greater dry matter intakes as well as greater essential nutrient availability of high-milk producing dairy cows.

Empress Calf Starter

25% Protein

Magnum Mineral Series