Milk Replacers

UdderLove calf milk replacer

Our premium calf milk replacer is a blend of human-food grade and low-temperature milk powders. It has a 21-21-20 nutrient profile that easily meets the dietary needs of good growing and healthy baby calves, after colostrum and first-milk feedings.

Revolution calf milk replacer

It’s our revolutionary all-milk calf milk replacer approach, based upon a 26-26-18 nutrient profile. For example, Revolution calf milk replacer easily supports high rates of lean body tissue growth of healthy calves raised on accelerated milk-feeding programs.

Bodacious bull-calf milk replacer

This calf milk replacer is designated as a 24-18-18 calf milk replacer with added Decoquinate to effectively lay down lean-muscle mass onto meat-marketed dairy steer calves. It is to be fed from day 4 of life (after colostrum and first-milk feedings) until calves are weaned at 6 – 8 weeks of age and then entered into post-wean feedlot-feeding programs.

Varken Milk

Lamber Milk



26-26-18 Calf Milk Replacer