About Us

Corporate Mandate

Matrix’s goal is to produce sustainable, functional, and feasible products that not only support the food chain but to also improve the welfare of livestock. Utilizing heart felt compassion, adapted technology, and applied science, we apply these approaches in a socially responsible way. We understand and appreciate to the fullest extent that we are all in this together.

Matrix (Matrix Environmental Solutions Ltd.) is family held animal nutrition company that systematically develops, manufactures, and markets livestock nutrition; and production products to all levels of agricultural clients.

We boast a logistical footprint that is truly world wide when it comes to the procurement and application of new and existing products. By doing so, we have aligned ourselves with technical industry suppliers and partners who are best in their field.. We feel this approach helps our own staff maintain a “technical currency”  which is universal for both our clients and their team members. It’s people helping people.

As a family, we all agree that when these relationships are coalesced with a strong corporate mandate, it nurtures the best possible outcome for everyone that is part of our environment and society.

The roughly 60 staff that operate in any of our 8 distribution and manufacturing locations are always here to serve our clients best wishes when it aligns whole heartedly with our mandate.

Any complaints about deviations from this mandate can be sent to the contact info below however that being said, so can compliments about our staff’s effort as well. So please don’t hesitate to send us your positive remarks.